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Sleep is a critical element of health and wellness, but most people don’t realise how important it is.

Studies show that almost 50% of adults at some point suffer from sleep disorders that can cause fatigue, depression and other serious problems. And yet only 10% of these people seek treatment for their lack of sleep.

Many Australians suffer needlessly because their sleep is poor, and they are unaware of the range of solutions to this problem.

A Western Australia Sleep study will help determine if it’s insomnia or another underlying condition such as sleep apnoea that is causing your poor quality sleep.

Sleep deprivation is linked to a wide range of health problems and is also associated with workplace injuries and errors that cost millions in lost productivity each year.

A comprehensive sleep study can help identify the cause of poor quality sleep so you can find effective treatment options.

Western Australia Sleep offers affordable access to top-quality sleep tests with medical professionals who specialise in helping patients improve their sleeping habits

Getting the right diagnosis for your sleeping problems is the first step to improving your health and quality of life. Queensland Sleep offers affordable diagnostic testing at our nine Queensland clinics

You will need a Referral to arrange a Sleep Study

Providing you with the most thorough sleep diagnostics in Western Australia, our highly trained team of doctors, nurses, and sleep scientists are ready to help.

Referring Doctors

Western Australia Sleep works alongside medical practitioners, providing diagnostic testing, sleep consulting, and a variety of sleep therapies and services for their patients.


If you suspect you have a sleep problem, or possibly sleep apnoea, see your GP for a referral to Western Australia Sleep. After your initial consultation, a comprehensive report is provided to your referring doctor so any further diagnostic testing and/or plan of action can be implemented if needed.


Your location is not a barrier to better sleep. With Western Australia Sleep clinics now in nine major and regional Western Australia centres, our commitment to the sleep health of Western Australians is stronger than ever.

Arrange a Sleep Study in 4 Easy Steps

Download the PDF Western Australia Sleep referral form

Make an appointment with your GP and take the referral form with you

GP consults patient and forwards referral form to Western Australia Sleep

Western Australia Sleep patient services team will process the referral and will be in contact to organise the sleep study process

The best way to arrange a sleep study is for you to make an appointment with your GP and request a referral to Western Australia Sleep.

Download the PDF Queensland Sleep referral form

Make an appointment with their GP and take referral form with them

GP sees patient & sends referral form the Queensland Sleep

Queensland Sleep patient services team will process referral and be in contact to organise the sleep study process

Why Us

Have peace of mind and confidence knowing better nights’ sleep are on the way thanks to the capable and experienced hands of Western Australia Sleep’s specialist sleep professionals. Our reputation as the state’s most respected provider of sleep diagnostics and solutions is based on our expertise and exceptional standard of personalised patient care.

An accredited Adult and Paediatric Sleep Service, all testing and treatment services are facilitated in accordance with the Standard for Sleep Disorders Services (Australasian Sleep Association). Our aim is to provide excellence and innovation in sleep health management practices for all Western Australians.

If you sleep well at night… so do we!

Say hello to Queensland Sleep’s team of experts. With decades of training and experience behind the team, staff across our Queensland clinics are ready and waiting to help with your sleep problems.
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