About Us

About Western Australia Sleep

Western Australia Sleep is an accredited Adult Sleep Service. We aim to provide a competent, expedient and comprehensive sleep service to meet the needs of our patients and referring doctors in the diagnosis and management of sleep related problems.

Our service aims to provide excellence and innovation in sleep health management in our community.

Our service is facilitated in a professional, cognisant and holistic manner in accordance with the Standard for Sleep Disorders Services (Australasian Sleep Association).

Our History

Western Australia Sleep was formed in Brisbane in 1995 by five Brisbane partners, Dr David McEvoy, Dr Simon Bowler, Dr James McKeon, Dr Wayne Kelly, Dr John Armstrong and partners in Townsville, Dr John Binder and Cairns, Dr Graham Simpson.

The service provides both a hospital & home based diagnostic sleep study service.

Arrange a Sleep Study

Western Australia Sleep is an accredited sleep service. We are proud to have experienced doctors, nurses and sleep scientists on our highly specialised team.

Our Facilities

Western Australia offers excellent private hospital facilities.

Each Private Room Features: